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Minutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—coverMinutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—Title PageDance Steps for the Beleaguered Title pageMinutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—detailMinutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—DetailDance Steps for the BeleagueredMinutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—ColophonDance Steps for the Beleaguered ColophonMinutes: Dance Steps for the Beleaguered—unfoldedPosers International—CoverPosers International—DetailPosers International—DetailPosers International—The JudgesReliquary Box for MargerineThe Fire Extinguisher Family Reunion, coverThe Fire Extinguisher Family Reunion, title pageThe Fire Extinguisher Family Reunion, introductionThe Fire Extinguisher Family Reunion, center spreadShould Cards, whole packageShould Cards, package coverShould Cards, spreadShould Cards, a selection of frontsShould Cards, a selection of backsWords for DistractionWords for Distraction, title page and then someWords for Distraction, pagesEarl and Beaufort Coaster SetEarl and Beaufort Coasters